Tommy's Halotherapy Session

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So yesterday I fed dry hay to the boys - I have been steaming the hay, but lack of preparation in the morning meant chucking dry hay in as a one off. In the afternoon I grab Tom out of the stable to do some work in the arena. On the lunge he was continually straining to cough. I carried on for a bit to see if it would clear, but it didn't. I pulled him up and his breathing sounded "raspy", like he had gunk he couldn't shift. My first thoughts were, call the vet, but then I thought I'd give him a quick Halotherapy session first - after all it is supposed to thin mucus in the lungs to make it easier to clear. So in he went, with me and my student for a quick impromptu discussion on the benefits and effects of salt therapy.

During the session, Tom's breathing was a little more rapid than usual and I must admit I was concerned. A long 20 minutes later and lots of dripping snot on my legs and we were finished. Out he stepped, quick bite of grass, some disgusting gunk snotted onto the lawn, no more rasping and normalised breathing. A sigh of relief from me and the realisation that my "low maintenance" Cob was a very sensitive soul 🙄😄 Obviously, I shall be keeping an eye on him, but hopefully the salt has helped this time.


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