Branston Equine Rehabilitation

Welcome to the home page of Branston Equine Rehabilitation

We are a small private yard 6 miles East of Lincoln providing rehabilitation facilities for your horse. Whether you are looking for a place to box rest, for intensive veterinary physiotherapy post injury or surgery, or to bring your horse back into work after time off, we have tailored packages to suit. 

In our light and airy barn there are six 12 x 12 stables all fitted with rubber matting as standard. We have a 20m x 40m floodlit arena, with a good quality sand surface providing good footing during rehabilitation, a seperate lunge pen and indivudual turnout paddocks.

With an onsite Veterinary Physiotherapist on hand 24/7 as well as access to a range of other professionals as required, we are confident that you will be happy with our friendly and professional service.

Does my horse need rehabilitation?

Below are the main reasons for horses coming to stay at Branston Equine Rehab

Box Rest

Does your horse require box rest? Do you lack the facilities or time to box rest your horse at your current location? We have the facilities and time to look after your horse during this period.

Injury or Surgery

Has your horse recently had surgery or suffered an injury that may benefit from regular veterinary physiotherapy intervention? We can provide a number of modalities including ultrasound and laser therapy, which will enable a more efficient healing process. In addition to a range of rehab packages to suit all budgets.


If we have space we are also happy to take horses in whilst you are on holiday - allowing you to go and enjoy your time away safe in the knowledge your horse is in a professionaland friendly place. We will even include a treatment for them as part of their stay, so they come home as refreshed as you do!

Meet the Team

Here at Branston Rehab we work with a team of professionals who together provide the best available service for you and your horse.


In order to provide the best outcomes for your horse, our highly skilled team of professionals provide a full range of treatment options. 


Take a look at our facilities situated in  peaceful, rural surroundings. 

Rehab Packages to Suit

In order to cater for all, we have put together three rehabilitation package options - gold, silver and bronze. The packages provide a base on which to tailor the needs and requirements of you and your horse.

Each package is bespoke and agreed prior to the horses arrival. You will receive a copy of the livery contract detailing the agreed treatment package. No "extras" will be surruptitiosly added to your bill at the end. If any changes are made, these are discussed and agreed by all parties prior to being implemented and an amended contract drawn up and signed.  

The veterinary physiotherapy element of the package and in most cases some (if not all) of the livery element can be reclaimed through your insurance where applicable.  

At Branston Rehab, we strive for the best possible outcomes for your horse. In order to achieve this we need a full veterinary diagnosis prior to arrival to enable a suitable programme of rehabilitation to be tailored to the needs of your horse. As any therapeutic inetervention should complement any conventional veterinary treatment we are keen to work closly with your vet and have ongoing comunication between us them and you during the rehab process. 

A full case history will be taken prior to your horses' arrival at Branston Equine and on arrival  a complete static and dynamic assessment of your horse will take place. 

This information will help formulate the rehabilitation process, so it is useful to have as much information as possible. In addition to your vet, you may also like us to speak to other professionals that you deal with such as your trainer.